Cancer Research

This strand of research focusses on improving cancer patient and survivors reported outcomes cancer in relation tofatigue and quality of life. It studies symptoms and clusters in women with breast cancer, including breast cancer and treatments, physiological activity, social and cognitive processes, and behavioural processes.


This project looked at women with breast cancer whom experience many symptoms resulting from the primary disease and/or the treatment of the disease. It investigated symptoms, symptom clusters and cytokine activity pre-surgery, post-surgery and post adjuvant treatment using a prospective longitudinal cohort panel design.


The study also examined the symptoms for clustering using Hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA). Symptoms were examined in relation to cytokine activity using microarray technology to measure interleukins. The final sample comprised of thirty women, ages ranging from 30-77 years. Levels of fatigue, pain and depression differed significantly between the time points.

This research strand also studies the evaluation of a sustainable intervention using exercise –for cancer fatigue (ESIE-CF Trial). This is a quasi experimental study to develop and evaluate a sustainable semi-supervised exercise training programme to reduce CRF in survivors with documented fatigue and compare changes to those of a health education comparison group.

Another ongoing study in this area is Colo-rectal Cancer and Radiotherapy. The aim of this study is to investigate symptom presentation, effects on QoL and the association of KRAS, IL-6 and IL8 with responses to treatment. 

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