Clinical Nutrition Research

Current research within this strand addresses the impact of diet and nutritional changes on performance and health in non-athletic groups.


This strand initially started by investigating the difference in bone health and turnover between male athletes who used protein supplements and those who didn’t. Further research in bone health examined the impact of consuming a low carbohydrate diet on biomarkers of bone turnover in overweight and obese menopausal females.


Low carbohydrate research has continued to be developed within this strand where currently the effect of a 12 week low carbohydrate ketogenic diet versus high carbohydrate diet on performance and health in endurance athletes is being investigated.


This research has helped develop collaboration with Prof Jeff Volek from Ohio State University, where a research internship was completed. This current research examines the health impact of a low carbohydrate versus a high carbohydrate, DNA damage, bone turnover and insulin amongst others.


Additional research within this strand addresses the health effects of energy imbalance in at risk athletic groups. Bone turnover, hormonal profile and cardiovascular risk will be examined within this research.

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