The Carotenoid OmegA Study (COAST) aims to investigate the bioavailability of different carotenoid formulations in nutritional supplements by measuring response in serum concentrations, as well as change in macular pigment, visual function and cognitive function for disease control and prevention.


COAST is a double-blind, placebo-controlled, intervention trial with 6 groups of interest. This means that the volunteers are asked to take either a supplement, containing the macular carotenoids with or without fish oil, or a placebo on a daily basis for 6 months; participants are randomly  assigned to one of six different groups; and neither the participants nor the investigators will know if they are consuming the supplement or the placebo until the end of the study.


Data collection in COAST has been concluded; currently, the second phase of the study is running where data analysis is being conducted. This will be followed by reporting and publishing in 2020.

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